15 years of experience

About Us

Amoov is your international and national moving company. We want to offer you the best, tailormade service with the highest quality possible. Our ambition is to change the image you have of the move so that you do not see this moment as boring and stressful but as a pleasant moment. With a network in more than 170 countries, as well as a professional and well-trained team, we make this possible. We work efficiently, quickly, while providing the highest quality packaging material to take care of your belongings. Each year, more and more customers trust Amoov and entrust us with their move, we like to think that it is thanks to the care that our teams carry there. Moving will never be a chore!

Who We Are ?

With more than 15 years of experience, we want to bring a new moving experience. We have 4 crucial criteria that we apply to each of our moves:

  • Service of excellence: It is primordial to satisfy our customers at each step of their move. Whether you are in America, Asia, Africa, Europe or Oceania, we do ensure that your goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.
  • Customer satisfaction: Your designated move-manager endeavor to provide you with the best quality service. Your move manager is reactive, and sympathetic! We put 100% of our energy and attention from the beginning to the end of the process.  
  • Trust and transparency: We are proud to have reached a 94% satisfaction rate, one of the highest in our sector. Our secret? Do everything it takes to provide the perfect move, with trust and transparency at each step.  
  • Personalization: Personalization is one of our credos, in order to provide a bespoke service to our clients. Indeed, you can choose all the move-possibilities, that is to say any service (importation – exportation – wrapping…), at any time (long or short-term storage) at any place. We do have many solutions to answer your concerns. 

Our Mission

AMOOV’s mission is to provide every customer with the peace of mind he or she deserves. In a very globalized world, where the growth is continuous, we want to make people’s moves easier, whether they are families or organizations.  

This is why we consider each day to be a challenge, and why we wish to provide our customers the most qualitative and professional move service, whether is it about the wrapping of your personal belongings, the customs clearance procedure, the transportation of your goods, or about offering you an installation service at your destination.  

At AMOOV, we allow you to settle in without stress, so that you can focus on yourself or on your relatives!

Our Core Values

AMOOV knows that in order to be successful, a move has to be personalized, effective, and be of high quality. This is why, the listening of your needs during the whole move-process is a key-step for our teams. We offer all our customers a personalized guidance during the entire process.  
Moreover, we only use the best wrapping materials, and a professional service in order to make sure that your goods reach their destination without any trouble and at the period of time we previously agreed on. 

Our Network

Thanks to our 170 offices throughout the world, we do offer a strong local anchorage. In order to guarantee the best door-to-door move service, anywhere in the world.  

We base our services on many criteria:  

  • Quality  
  • Professional consciousness  
  • Reactivity  
  • Security  
  • Effectiveness  
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Delivery tracking system  

These selective criteria allow us to offer the best responsiveness to our customers so that they never have to worry about their belongings no matter where they are

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