Move to Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. This country of 92 million inhabitants is bordered by China to the north and by Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand to the west. Indeed, Vietnam has been experiencing good economic growth for several years. Vietnam is made up of 54 different ethnic groups from both China and Cambodia.  So if you want to move to Vietnam, some information about the country will be essential before your settle.  GOOD TO KNOW   Vietnam, located in the monsoon zone, has a generally …

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Move to Portugal

Olá a todos! You too, fell in love with Portugal? Portugal attracts every year more than 400,000 expatriates from all over the world with cities such as Lisbon, Porto or even Coimbra.  Do you want to try the experiment by putting your suitcases in Portugal? So let’s go, it’s time to go !  Good to Know   Portugal is the oldest …

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Move to France

In Europe, France is one of the most attractive countries for foreigners. But for what reasons? Whether to come for a holiday, for professional reasons or simply to try new adventures. For you we decided to give the reasons why it is good to live in France.  Good to know  THE DIFFERENT LANDFORM  First of all, France is one of the only countries that have both plains, plateaus, hills and high and medium mountains in different parts of the country. A good way to satisfy everyone’s preferences.  ESSENTIAL PLACES  French architecture is part of the country’s legacy. It is recognized worldwide and is part of the identity of the country and its history. Everyone knows the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel, the …

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