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Olá a todos! You too, fell in love with Portugal? Portugal attracts every year more than 400,000 expatriates from all over the world with cities such as Lisbon, Porto or even Coimbra. 

Do you want to try the experiment by putting your suitcases in Portugal? So let’s go, it’s time to go ! 

Good to Know  

Portugal is the oldest country in Europe. The borders are established since 1139, more than four centuries before the founding of Rome. 

If a date is to know it would be April 25th. It was on this day in 1974 that the dictatorship was overthrown. Many streets, as well as the main bridge of Lisbon, proposes representations to remember this event. 

In the restaurant, you often get bread, olives or butter. Know that it is not free, you will find them on your bill at the end of the meal. If you do not want to refuse them. 

The Portuguese, like their Spanish neighbors, eat late. At the restaurant, lunch starts at 2 pm and dinner at 8 pm. Attention, outside of Lisbon and the seaside resorts, the restaurants close towards 22h. 

Indeed, it is true that when we think of Portuguese dishes, we think of “cod”, Porto and various seafood. However, Portuguese gastronomy is not just about that. There are other specialties such as the “Queijo da Serra” which is thick-crusted cheese with a melting heart, “Caldo Verde” which is a soup made from cabbage, potato, and chorizo. 

Now that you know the characteristics of the country, some steps will be essential to your arrival to live in Portugal. 

Administrative formalities 

European nationals whose countries are subject to the same conditions as those of Portugal (U.E and Schengen Area) do not have to apply for visas to enter Portugal. However, it is necessary to present a valid identity card or passport when crossing the border. 

For a stay in Portugal for a year or more, you must apply for a long-stay visa. In this category, there are two forms of visas: residence and temporary residence. 

To obtain this visa you must contact the Portuguese consulate of your country of residence. This is necessary for citizens who are not members of the European Union. 

For more information on the steps to take, I invite you to visit the government website:

When you arrive, if you want to open a bank account, you will need an ID, proof of address, your Portuguese tax number and tax notice. 

Cost of living 

The average salary in Portugal is 1001 dollars. The cost of living is lower than in the other countries of the European Union. 

On average, to buy an apartment in the suburbs for rent in Portugal is around $ 797. This is an average price that can drop up to $ 453 and increase up to $1248 depending on the period and the city. 

A meal in an upscale restaurant in Portugal, for two people for a full menu costs on average $34. 

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