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Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. This country of 92 million inhabitants is bordered by China to the north and by Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand to the west. Indeed, Vietnam has been experiencing good economic growth for several years. Vietnam is made up of 54 different ethnic groups from both China and Cambodia. 

So if you want to move to Vietnam, some information about the country will be essential before your settle. 


Vietnam, located in the monsoon zone, has a generally hot and humid climate, with slight regional differences from north to south. The months of February to April are the most favorable months. 

The official language of the country is Vietnamese. To greet someone you can say “Xin Chao”. It means hello, “Tam Biet” goodbye, “Cam on” thanks, “Lam On” please, “Vang” yes and “Khong” no. Some words of vocabulary that will be useful for you to communicate with Vietnamese because most of them don’t speak English. Don’t hesitate to use translators to improve your pronunciation for these different words. 

Vietnamese just like their Chinese neighbors eat early. The breakfast starts early in the morning until 8 am, the lunch from 11 am and finally the evening meal starts from 18h. After 21h it’s sometimes difficult to find restaurants, even in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam. 

Vietnamese food is often considered one of the best of all Southeast Asia. To give you some examples of dishes that you can taste in Vietnam: 

“Cafe Sua Da” is Vietnamese coffee. It is drunk with concentrated milk and ice cubes. 

The “Pho” is a flat rice paste soup with beef, onions and many spices for more and more flavors. 

The “Goi cuôn” also known as a spring roll is a dish in the form of rolls containing green salad, fresh vermicelli with boiled pork slice or cooked shrimp, finely sliced ​​omelet and a little pineapple. You should know that the dish of “Nem” and “Goi cuôn” does not represent the same meal because unlike the spring roll, the Nem is eaten fried. 

The “Bun cha” a dish of fresh rice vermicelli accompanied by grilled pork with charcoal on bamboo stalks. 

Chuoi nep nuong is a dessert made of a banana covered with a mixture of sticky rice, coconut milk, and minced peanuts. 

A small list of good dishes that you can eat in Vietnam. 

Administrative formalities 

All expatriates must have a  visa or residence permit to live in Vietnam. There are different types of residence permits used depending on your situation. 

Since 1 January 2015, visas have been reformed and there are now 20 different visas: 

LD visa (work visa): This visa is valid for two years. You need a work contract with a Vietnamese company to get it. This visa is reserved for employees, it allows to stay in Vietnam. 

DH visa (study visa): This is the visa for students and it is valid for 1 year. 

The DT visa: This is the visa for investors and foreign lawyers and it is valid for 5 years. 

To access the different types of visa I invite you to click on the following link:

The residence card is the most advantageous residence permit for foreigners to live in Vietnam. It is valid until 5 years. It serves as an identity document in addition to the passport. 

To benefit, you must either have a business in Vietnam, have a work contract or be a family of a beneficiary of a resident card. 

Cost of living 

Before moving to Vietnam you must know that the currency used is Dong. 

The average salary in Vietnam is 353 euros. However, you should know that the cost of living in Vietnam is about 53% lower than in Europe. 

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